Bead Store Closing: Remaining Inventory Available for Below-Wholesale Purchase

Wow!  We had quite a closeout sale this past weekend.  Although the turnout was even better than expected, we still have hundreds of thousands of beads available for purchase at below-wholesale prices.

Curious what we have left?

Check out the pictures below.  Yes, I know it looks a little like a tornado went through the studio, but I shot these just after the event ended and that is what the 2 days were like. 😉

Please contact us to schedule a visit to the studio.  You can attend in person or we can set up a virtual tour via Facetime or Skpe.

Remaining Supplies: Metal

  • We have a large amount of antiqued silver, antiqued copper, and antiqued bronze beads and findings left.
  • We also have a small quantity of solid copper beads, findings and pendants, as well as .925 Sterling Silver pendants (sorry, no sterling silver beads or findings left- we are sold out).
  • We have many unique findings including adjustable ring blanks, brooches, hair pins and sticks, and assorted bookmarks, all in a variety of finishes.

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BEAD STORE CLOSING- Huge Closeout Sale on All Beads & Supplies

After 3 years, A Beadiful Life (formerly AmberTortoise Beads) is closing up shop.

As sad as I am to close down A Beadiful Life, I am excited about it too!  That’s because I am closing up shop for a very good reason.

My jewelry line is becoming increasingly successful and is taking up all of my time.  I have some very big plans for my jewelry business this year, including the launch of 2 new jewelry brands.

As a result, I just don’t have the time to dedicate to A Beadiful Life to grow it into the business I know it can be and to continue to meet our customers demand for our beads and jewelry supplies.

Scroll down to see a complete (and huge!) selection of supplies, including:

  • Turquoise and Magnesite
  • Lots of Jasper
  • Shell and Coral
  • Sea Glass
  • Crystals including Chakra
  • Lucite Flowers in every shape and size
  • Great gifts including Bookmarks, Hair Pins, Hair Sticks, Brooches and Rings in hard-to-find styles
  • Storage containers, displays, and everything else you’d need to start a bead business or grow yours.

You’re Invited- Special Savings

I’d like to invite you to our HUGE closeout bead and jewelry supply sale.  We have millions of beads and jewelry supplies in several thousand unique styles and EVERYTHING MUST GO so we are selling it all below-wholesale!

There are 3 ways to take advantage of below-wholesale closeout prices:

  1. ANYONE: Join us at our studio in Willington, CT for a huge closeout sale April 5th-6th.  Click here to learn more and for directions:
  2. ANYONE: Visit our Etsy store at and enter code THANKYOU in all caps at checkout for 40% off any order over $20.
  3. BEAD STORE OWNERS: Contact us directly to schedule a visit to the studio (in person or virtually via face time) to browse the supplies- for bulk orders of $1,000 or greater.
*Please note that we have much, much more available in person than online so we highly encourage options 1 or 3.

About the In-Person Sale Event 04/05-04/06:


You do not need a wholesale license to receive below-wholesale pricing- anyone can attend.
*If you do have a wholesale license, be sure to bring it so you can save on sales tax.

Pics of the Supplies- Ready to Buy

My team and I have been prepping for the event, bagging and pricing hundreds of thousands of beads.  Wow, we have a lot of beads!!

Here are some pics of what you can expect to find at the closeout sale (this is only a very small fraction of what we have available.)

{Lots and lots of turquoise and magnesite}

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Gemstone Feature- Citrine (November’s Birthstone)

Citrine is considered a secondary birthstone for November, with Topaz being the primary birthstone. Citrine is a symbol of the sun and is linked with wisdom and joy.  It is a semi-precious stone.


Color:  Pale yellow to various shades of honey and golden yellows; the deeper the yellow, the more iron it contains and the higher its value.


Primarily found in Brazil, but can also come from Spain, Madagascar, Uruguay, Scotland, and the US.

Age:  Mentioned in Hellenistic Greece, from the 4th to the 1st century BCE.

Family:  Quartz

Hardness:  7 on the Mohs scale


Gemstone Properties/Healing Properties:  

As a symbol of the sun, citrine is linked with wisdom and joy, and is well-regarded for helping to relieve depression, improving memory, and opening intuitive channels of knowledge and creativity. It is linked with helping writer’s unblock. Health-wise, it aids the kidney, liver, and heart and helps to remove bodily toxins.

Fun Facts/Stories:  

The name citrine refers to the French word citron (lemon).

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Gemstone Feature- Tourmaline (October’s Birthstone)

Tourmaline is considered a secondary birthstone for October, with Opal being the primary birthstone.  Tourmaline is considered the gem of tranquility and is associated with banishing fear and negativity, and protecting against misfortunes. Tourmaline is considered a semi-precious stone.


Color: Comes in many different color varieties such as dark yellow, brown/black, bluish or brownish black, light blue or greenish blue, rose, green, and colorless.

Source:  Primarily throughout Africa and Brazil, but it is also mined in Sri Lanka, the US, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Age:  Tourmaline has been used as a gem for over 2000 years.

Family:  Silicate

Hardness:  7-7.5 on the Mohs scale


Gemstone Properties/Healing Properties:  

The stone of tranquility, tourmaline is associated with banishing fear and negativity, and protecting against misfortunes. Different varieties have specific attributes in addition to those of tourmaline in general. Health-wise, it’s said to regulate hormone imbalances, soothe nerves, protect against genetic disorders, promote good heart function, and alleviate arthritic pain.

Fun Facts/Stories:  

Sri Lankan tourmalines were first brought to Europe by the Dutch East India Company as there was a great demand for its brightly colored gems during that time.

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Gemstone Feature- Opal (October’s Birthstone)

Opal is considered the primary birthstone for October. A symbol of happiness, hope, and truth, opal is thought to bring good luck. Opal is considered a semi-precious stone.



Opal can present itself in a wide variety of colors. It can be colorless, white, gray, red, yellow, blue, magenta, rose, slate, brown, black, green, orange, and more. Precious opal reflects light with a dazzling display of intermixing colors. The red and black varieties are considered rare and valuable. White and greens, on the other hand, are quite common.


Australia has the vast majority of opal. The US, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, Indonesia, and Brazil also hold opal deposits.


Opal is over 60 million years old, dating back to the Cretaceous period, when dinosaurs trodded the earth. Precious opal was greatly esteemed in Ancient Rome, who rated its preciousness only second to emeralds.

Family:  Mineraloid gel

Hardness:  5.5-6.5 on the Mohs scale


Gemstone Properties/Healing Properties:  

As symbols of happiness, hope  and truth, opals are said to not only bring good luck, but also has great powers to heal the body, keep bad dreams at bay, and enhance one’s energy. Black opal, especially, is said to bring great luck, protect travelers, and open the gates of intelligence and imagination. Health-wise, black opal is said to help with eye diseases, the reproductive organs, the spleen and pancreas, and the bone marrow.

Fun Facts/Stories:  

NASA reported that opal deposits also exist in Mars. During the Middle Ages, people associated opals with good luck, whereas after the publication of Sir Walter Scott’s Anne of Geierstein, people tended to associate opal with ill luck and death, the same fate as the book’s heroine.

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